Short-term contract opportunity: Mongolia scoping assessment

  • Publication date: 01 June 2022
  • Application deadline: 10 June 2022

About Open Ownership

Open Ownership (OO) is driving the global shift towards transparency over who owns and controls companies. OO enables beneficial ownership disclosures which are accurate, well structured, complete, and machine readable. We support governments to make high-quality beneficial ownership data available, and work with governments, businesses, and citizens to use the data. This reduces risks such as corruption and tax evasion, and builds trust and development opportunities.

Our multidisciplinary team works closely with technical and policy implementers, advising them on all aspects of beneficial ownership implementation. To support our donor-funded technical assistance programmes, we have developed a broad range of implementation tools and products, including the Beneficial Ownership Data Standard and the Open Ownership Principles of effective beneficial ownership disclosure (OO Principles).

Purpose of the contract

Together with the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), OO recently launched ​​Opening Extractives, an ambitious global programme aiming to transform the availability and use of beneficial ownership information for effective governance in the extractive sector (mining, oil, and gas).

To support the initial work in Mongolia, we are seeking a short-term contractor, either an organisation or independent consultant, to conduct desk research and interviews, and to develop a scoping assessment report that will help identify concrete opportunities for OO to provide technical assistance that furthers beneficial ownership transparency in Mongolia.


Beneficial ownership transparency scoping assessment

OO has developed an assessment framework, guided by the OO Principles. The framework comprehensively assesses the current status of a country’s beneficial ownership transparency regime. Using the OO Principles as the assessment criteria, a set of recommendations are developed in consultation with national and international stakeholders. The assessment will be used to determine OO’s targeted technical assistance. The assessment should also draw on findings and recommendations from the most recent EITI validation report for Mongolia.

The contractor will be required to complete a pre-set scoping questionnaire (provided by OO) and work closely with OO as well as national stakeholders in completing the questionnaire, covering the nine OO principles.

The contractor will then develop the questionnaire into a scoping assessment report which should include inter alia:

  • a summary of the key political drivers for beneficial ownership transparency, and the known opportunities and barriers to advancing reform in the next two years;
  • an analysis of the current status of beneficial ownership transparency implementation, according to the OO Principles;
  • specific recommendations to progress the country towards effective implementation, in particular drawing out recommendations that can be implemented within the next two years.

The contractor will be required to share findings from the scoping report and recommendations therein through a blog post for OO and EITI websites, workshops, peer learning exchanges, and other fora as determined by the Opening Extractives programme. The contractor may be required to provide expert review of professionally translated OO resources and legislation required for delivery of this work.


The contractor will be expected to deliver:

  • a completed scoping questionnaire;
  • a scoping report of approximately 12-18 pages;
  • a blog post for the OO and EITI websites;
  • presentations at workshops, peer learning exchanges, and other fora as determined by the Opening Extractives programme;
  • reviews of previously translated material in Mongolian;
  • a record of stakeholder meetings/interviews.

Deliverables must be submitted in English. Professional support will be provided for the translation of the scoping report if required.


The contractor will need to demonstrate a reasonable level of knowledge of Mongolia’s legal framework and an understanding of Mongolia’s institutional arrangements, fiscal and extractive policies, as well as open data principles.

We welcome applications from contractors with:

  • exceptional communication skills in English and Mongolian;
  • knowledge and understanding of Mongolia’s legal framework and institutional frameworks;
  • the ability to self-organise and work autonomously in a remote organisation;
  • a demonstrated history and experience with engaging with stakeholders relevant to this consultancy (a pre-existing network of local contacts is desired);
  • experience working to deliver or support government reform initiatives (desired);
  • experience working in the fields of corporate transparency, fiscal openness, or anti-corruption (desired).

Preference will be given to candidates and/or organisations within Mongolia, as some of the deliverables will require in-person meetings. We are, however, also open to applications from consultants based elsewhere in the region who have experience working in the Southeast Asia context. We want to hear all voices, and particularly encourage individuals of diverse and marginalised communities to apply.

Please note that OO is a fiscally sponsored organisation, and the contract will be executed in the name of our fiscal sponsor Global Impact, a non-profit, on behalf of OO. Due to the legal restrictions placed on the grant that part funds this post, we cannot accept applications from anyone based in the USA.


The consultancy will last 2-3 months and should be completed by 31 September 2022, so we expect this to be a nearly full-time consultancy.

  • A daily contractor rate of USD 300-350 will be offered for this assignment, determined by the experience and expertise of the contractor.
  • In addition, a budget has been allocated for all eligible costs incurred by the contractor, such as, but not limited to: travel, accommodation, telephone, and data expenses.

The total cost of the consultancy must not exceed USD 15,000, including daily fees and additional expenses incurred by the contractor.


To apply, qualified contractors should send:

  • a 2-page CV summarising relevant professional experience;
  • a brief 2-3-page expression of interest which details how you will successfully deliver on this contract, allocating the number of days for each part of the delivery and including a proposed itemised budget for the delivery of activities. In your expression of interest, please highlight your most relevant experience and skills for this contract, and indicate the location where you would be based during the assignment.

Please send the above to [email protected] by 25 June 2022.

Download the terms of reference as a PDF.


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