Short-term legal consultancy: Malawi

  • Publication date: 03 June 2024
  • Application deadline: 16 June 2024

Open Ownership (OO) is seeking a short-term contractor, either an organisation or an independent consultant, to lend their local expertise on corporate law in Malawi, as we review the existing legal frameworks pertaining to beneficial ownership transparency (BOT); identify gaps in the legislative framework and associated regulations; and provide concrete recommendations for amendments.

The scope of work includes:

  1. Providing legal expertise on corporate practices in Malawi to support OO’s review of relevant legislation on BOT implementation, disclosure, and data-use in Malawi. This can be done through the following:
    1. Delivering capacity building session(s) for the project team at OO on the different types of entities that exist formally and informally in Malawi, how they are structured and common practices;
    2. The review will be primarily focused on Companies Act, Companies (Beneficial Ownership) Regulations 2020, Trustees Incorporation Act, Trustees Act, Business Registration Act. The consultant will be expected to review OO’s analysis/recommendations reports with the aim of contextualising the recommendations and ensuring that relevant corporate law nuances are thoughtfully and accurately considered.
    3. Although OO’s comprehensive review will be primarily focused on the legislation identified in (b) above, we expect the local consultant to identify any other relevant legislation that may have a bearing on beneficial ownership.
  2. The contractor may also be expected to provide input and support to the on-going legal and technical assistance OO is providing in Malawi.

Expected deliverables

  1. Delivery of capacity building session(s) on corporate entities in Malawi including copies of slide decks used for these sessions;
  2. Review of Open Ownership’s legal analysis reports on companies, trusts and sole proprietorships;
  3. Delivery of a legislative mapping document highlighting any other relevant legislation that has a bearing on BOT (2 to 5 pages);
  4. Support for ongoing technical assistance tasks in Malawi.

Deliverables should be submitted in English.

Brief details

The consultancy will last 15–20 days and should be completed by 30 September 2024, with the bulk of the delivery being in June to August.

A daily contractor rate of USD 650 will be offered for this assignment, determined by the experience and expertise of the contractor.

The total cost of the consultancy must not exceed USD 15,000, including daily fees and additional expenses incurred by the contractor.

The application deadline is Sunday, 16 June 2024, 23:59 Central African Time.

For full details on the assignment and how to apply, view the Terms of Reference.

Publication type

Remote; in Malawi or in the region