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Part-time senior software engineer (Ruby on Rails) - Six-month contract

jobs Open Ownership · Oct 2021

Open Ownership is looking to recruit a part-time senior software engineer experienced with Ruby on Rails on a six-month contract basis to develop and maintain the Global Open Ownership Register (GOOR), our transnational prototype beneficial ownership register.

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State-owned enterprises and beneficial ownership disclosures

blogs Jack Lord · Oct 2021

State-owned enterprises (SOEs) are a critical part of the global economy with unique potential to shape and drive economic growth.

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Company ownership register to be ready 2023

Press Business Ghana · Sep 2021

The Ministry of Finance has expressed optimism that the Beneficial Ownership Register being compiled by the Registrar General’s Department will be made available to the public by 2023.

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Liberia Enters Global Transparency Program Aimed At Disclosing Beneficial Owners Of Extractive Companies

Press Front Page Africa · Sep 2021

Like many governments across the world, the Liberia government has realized that being fully aware of the identities of people who ultimately control and benefit from companies, especially ones in the extractive industry, is crucial to fighting corruption and preventing...

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A network effect: Growing company commitment to beneficial ownership transparency

events EITI · Sep 2021

Speakers at the 7 September London Beneficial Ownership Transparency Forum shared insights on how public registers of beneficial owners can be used to build trust, combat corruption and fight financial crime. Companies in the extractives sector can play a significant...

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Entrenching Transparency Through Disclosure Of Beneficial Ownership

Press The Independent, Nigeria · Sep 2021

As countries of the World now act to improve financial transparency, making disclosure of beneficial ownership as simple and inexpensive to promote compliance and help achieve the ultimate aim of greater corporate accountability, Garba Abubakar, Registrar General/CEO of the Corporate...

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