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Beneficial ownership transparency implementation: Lessons from five countries

blogs Chinwe Ekene Ezeigbo · Jun 2021

Chinwe Ekene Ezeigbo reviews the implementation of beneficial ownership disclosure regimes in five different countries: Armenia, Kenya, Nigeria, Ukraine and the UK.

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Plans for the Global Open Ownership Register in 2021

news Open Ownership · Feb 2021

The Global Open Ownership Register (GOOR) holds 12 million records with data from 200 jurisdictions. Because Open Ownership (OO) has been engaging with more countries and assisting them with publishing their beneficial ownership (BO) data, the amount of information in...

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Armenia breaks new ground with extractives disclosures

blogs Peter Low · Aug 2020

Globally, more than 90 countries have made commitments to establish beneficial ownership (BO) registers, but there are still comparatively few examples of full implementation and publication. Each new experience of implementation provides significant learnings on how to optimise reforms to...

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