The OpenOwnership pilot program

The OpenOwnership pilot program ran until 2019, and the learning and tools from the pilots now underpin our technical assistance to countries.

Our pilot program supports data publishers in national governments and multinational institutions to publish high quality beneficial ownership data. Current pilot countries include Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine.

The pilot program is the first step in our work to develop implementation guidance that will assist governments publishing beneficial ownership data to generate data that is highly usable and effective in preventing money-laundering and corruption.

We offer bespoke technical assistance our pilot partners - select countries implementing beneficial ownership regimes - in order to closely understand the array of opportunities and challenges governments encounter when publishing this data.

There are three main benefits to countries participating in OpenOwnership’s pilot program:

  1. In-kind technical assistance from a field leader — OpenOwnership is a leading technical assistance provider for beneficial ownership implementation. We conduct a holistic evaluation of the technical, administrative, and policy frameworks in each pilot country, providing bespoke recommendations on how to produce high-quality beneficial ownership data. We then work with you to carry out these recommendations, providing technical expertise and access to our networks. Pilot countries have direct access to best practice guidance on a range of topics, including collecting and storing beneficial ownership data, developing forms and processes for collection, compatibility with data protection frameworks, verification, compliance, enforcement, and user engagement.

  2. High-quality, linkable data — The intended outcome of OpenOwnership’s support is a sustainable beneficial ownership regime that efficiently produces high-quality, and highly usable, beneficial ownership data. Importantly, the data will be in Beneficial Ownership Data Standard (BODS) format by default, allowing it to be linked with data from other jurisdictions on the OpenOwnership Register.

  3. Desirable network effects — By using the BODS and helping to create a global, linked beneficial ownership register, pilot countries show that they are thought leaders on transparency, integrity, and stemming corruption. Other countries will follow their leadership, further reducing the burden on data submitters and increasing the quality of data to users.

Should you wish to discuss the support OpenOwnership can offer your country as part of its pilot program, please contact Zosia Sztykowski, OpenOwnership Project Lead, at