Onyi Ough

Portrait of Onyi Ough

Programmes and MEL Manager

Truro, UK

[email protected]

Onyi Ough is Open Ownership's Programmes and MEL Manager. She oversees programme partnership delivery, ensuring timely execution within budget, and emphasising continuous monitoring, evaluation, and adaptation to enhance organisational practices and impact.

Onyi is an international development practitioner with wide experience working on governance and anti-corruption. She is driven by her passion for making it hard for corrupt persons to hide illegal wealth, and preventing the misuse of shell companies for illicit financial activities. She has managed and implemented behavioural change programmes targeting corruption across multiple countries, including Nigeria, Zambia, and Uganda. She has previously used a wide variety of  creative solutions for governance issues, including authoring anti-corruption storybooks, producing animated films for youth, and VR experiences for policymakers. 

Onyi served on the board of Transparency International and is now a member of the Transparency International Council. She holds a Master’s degree in development studies from the London School of Oriental and African Studies.