OpenOwnership thrives on collaboration with a diverse and global range of people and organizations. If you want to know more about how OpenOwnership can help you, please get in touch.


Open Ownership is a non-profit run by a small, expert team well positioned to support countries implementing beneficial ownership transparency (BOT). Our day-to-day management relies on an executive team who are overseen by a Steering Group made up of leading transparency and accountability organisations.

In order to focus on our mission, Open Ownership is fiscally sponsored by Global Impact. Fiscal sponsorship is a common mechanism in the non-profit sector that enables organisations to launch new programmes without needing to complete the full process of establishing a new legal entity.

The Steering Group and our partners help ensure that our organisation is strategic and focused on our mission. The Steering Group also contributes to fundraising and publicly champions BOT.


We work with partners worldwide in governments, businesses, civil society organisations, academia, and the media to bring ownership information into the open.


We receive funding from the following institutions:

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