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Open Ownership is a nonprofit organisation, working around the world to deliver transparency over who owns and controls companies. We focus specifically on beneficial ownership transparency (see the box below for an explainer).

Beneficial ownership transparency works to create a world in which there is nowhere to hide for anonymous companies and their owners.

What is a beneficial owner?

A 'beneficial owner' is a legal term used to describe the real, human owners of companies. Often, the ownership structure of companies can be complex and opaque. Companies can be set up by other companies or Trusts, meaning that society doesn't know who controls and benefits from its operations and profits.

However, when companies are obliged to disclose every beneficial owner with a substantial percentage of ownership, this creates beneficial ownership transparency, often called 'BOT'. And that means there can be fair and open competition about who wins a government contract, effective tax systems, and a reduction in corruption and money laundering.

We are a nonprofit organisation, and rely on grants and donations to continue our work worldwide. The following pages will tell you more about:

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