Event: Symposium on Systems of Financial Secrecy

  • Publication date: 21 November 2023
OO 2024-02 LSE Symposium (4)

Invitation: Join our discussion day for academics and practitioners

Organised by the London School of Economics International Inequalities Institute Wealth, Elites and Tax Justice Theme and Open Ownership. The symposium is supported by the Atlantic Fellows for Social and Economic Equity programme.

Date: Wednesday, February 21st, 2024 (09:30 - 18:30, including a networking reception)

Location: Hybrid - LSE, London and virtual

In-person attendance: currently fully booked.
The event will take place at the LSE's Centre Building, Houghton St, London WC2A 2AE, United Kingdom, in room 1.07 (map here). Please note that we only have space for those who have already pre-registered to attend in-person.

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This one-day symposium will bring together academics and practitioners working on a cross-section of issues that relate to systems of financial secrecy to share recent and ongoing research and discuss relevant policy developments. The title of the symposium takes inspiration from a recent article by Chang et al (2023) on ‘complex systems of secrecy’ and the offshore networks of oligarchs. By systems of financial secrecy, we mean the structures, actors and practices that allow activities such as tax avoidance, tax evasion and money laundering to take place and to go undetected.

The programme will curate speakers from across multiple disciplines and sectors with the aim of identifying and strengthening linkages between different approaches to research and practice on financial secrecy. The learnings from the symposium will contribute to finding the best approaches of tackling financial secrecy and its negative effects on social and economic inequalities.

Key topics of interest

  1. How can systems of financial secrecy be conceptualised and analysed?
  2. What are the known and anticipated impacts of systems of financial secrecy on social and economic inequalities?
  3. How are policy measures aiming to tackle financial secrecy and its negative impacts?
  4. What are examples of progress and ongoing challenges with these policy measures?

You will find all the details in the full invitation and the agenda.

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