Feedback sought to help shape version 0.4 of the Beneficial Ownership Data Standard


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Open Ownership and Open Data Services are continuing our work on developing the world’s leading open standard for beneficial ownership data, and would like to request technical feedback on our latest draft proposals.

The proposals

Proposal 1: change over time

The main proposal focuses on planned improvements relating to capturing changes to beneficial ownership information over time in order to create high-quality, up-to-date and historical records of changes to ownership or control.

Proposal 2: separating core data and metadata

Building on this, we have also presented a proposal about better separating core data and metadata within beneficial ownership statements. This leans heavily on the new concept of a 'record' which we plan to introduce.

Your chance to be involved

We’re experimenting with using Github Discussions to generate conversation and feedback about work on the Beneficial Ownership Data Standard.

This is your chance to contribute: work on these proposals will inform the core of version 0.4 of the Beneficial Ownership Data Standard. Read more about our plans for new functionality and follow development on Github.

Open Ownership and Open Data Services welcome feedback, guidance and advice on all these proposals. Comments can be left on relevant Github issues or emailed to [email protected].

Reference and background

Last year, we set out the five features that implementers should bear in mind if they want to create good auditable records of beneficial ownership in a briefing produced as part of our Opening Extractives programme with the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative.

The Beneficial Ownership Data Standard is an open standard for collecting, sharing, and using data on beneficial ownership. Full documentation is available.

All details about future features and areas for development are set out in our feature tracker on Github.

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