Tech showcase #3 - Open Sanctions, VXSoft, Whythawk and AntAC

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Open Ownership’s third technology showcase took place on 3 November 2021 featuring speakers from Open Sanctions, VXSoft, Whythawk and the Anticorruption Action Centre from Ukraine.

Our technology showcases highlight digital tools that improve transparency of company ownership and control by inviting people from a range of organisations to share updates through a series of lightning talks.

Watch the full video of the latest showcase or click on the names of the speakers below to go straight to the start of their presentations:

1) Friedrich Lindenberg, Open Sanctions

Friedrich created the Aleph project which helps investigative journalists securely access and search large amounts of data. He spent five years with the Organised Crime and Corruption Project as their data team lead. He’s now developing Open Sanctions, an international database of persons and companies of political, criminal, or economic interest.

2) Ruben Manukyan, VXSoft

Ruben is the founder and chief technology officer of VXSoft which has recently worked on Armenia’s new beneficial ownership register for extractives companies. Armenia’s register is the first in the world to use both Open Ownership’s Beneficial Ownership Data Standard and Beneficial Ownership Visualisation System.

3) Gavin Chait, Whythawk

Gavin is an open data scientist and lead consultant for Whythawk. He showcased work to explain how he combined UK property data with beneficial ownership data from the Open Ownership Register after importing data into a Neo4j graph database.

4) Antonina Volkotrub, AntAC

Antonina is an analyst for Ukraine’s Anticorruption Action Centre (AntAC) which created and maintains an open database of more that 47,000 politically exposed persons, their close associates and affiliated entities in Ukraine. She introduced us to their work, how they build the platform, and analysis and investigations that used the showcased data.

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