Key resources from Open Ownership

  • Publication date: 24 May 2023

EITI Global Conference

Dakar, Senegal

13 – 14 June 2023

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  • An introduction to beneficial ownership transparency and Open Ownership: This booklet explains and sets out the advantages to improving transparency around corporate vehicles. ENGLISH · FRANÇAIS · ESPAÑOL

  • Principles for effective beneficial ownership disclosure: These Principles set out a framework for best practice for beneficial ownership disclosure. ENGLISH · FRANÇAIS · ESPAÑOL

  • What’s in it for business? The US case. Lessons from private sector and civil society advocacy: This case study highlights learning from the effort to bring about beneficial ownership reform in the US, applicable to supporting reforms in other countries. ENGLISH

  • National security briefing: How beneficial ownership transparency can help mitigate a range of national security threats from state and non-state actors by integrating structured and interoperable information with other data sources. ENGLISH

Resources related to Opening Extractives, our joint programme with the EITI

Who really owns it? What investigations using ownership data can tell us – blog post cover image

  • Programme Introduction: Read more about Opening Extractives, our ambitious global programme with EITI which is catalysing the availability and use of beneficial ownership data in the extractive sector. ENGLISH

  • Who benefits? How company ownership data is used to detect and prevent corruption. This policy brief demonstrates the potential of company ownership data to challenge those seeking to abuse their positions for personal gain. ENGLISH · FRANÇAIS · ESPAÑOL

  • Senegal: Scoping assessment. This report summarises findings from Open Ownership’s scoping study into beneficial ownership transparency in Senegal in 2022. ENGLISH · FRANÇAIS

  • Defining and capturing data on the ownership and control of state-owned enterprises (SOEs). This guidance explores what information is needed on the corporate overnance of SOEs to support transparency efforts. ENGLISH · FRANÇAIS

  • Opening Extractives scoping reports. Find scoping reports for some of the other countries in which Open Ownership is engaged. ENGLISH (browse for French and Spanish)

  • Shining a light on company ownership: The role of beneficial ownership transparency in the energy transition. This report makes the case that beneficial ownership transparency must be a key accountability tool to enable a just energy transition. ENGLISH · FRANÇAIS · ESPAÑOL

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