Find details about Mexico's beneficial ownership transparency reforms

Records last updated: 12 June 2024

Contact person: Agustina De Luca

Current ongoing work

Open Ownership has engaged through its membership of the Beneficial Ownership Leadership Group. We are working with the National Anticorruption System, the National Transparency Institute and other key government implementing agencies with the development of a regulatory framework and a digital system for the collection, storing and sharing of beneficial ownership data related to public procurement. Our efforts are also focused on building the capacity of government and non-government stakeholders to collect and use beneficial ownership data.

Committed to one or more

  • Planned
    Once a country makes at least a commitment to beneficial ownership transparency, it is at Planned stage.

Implemented one or more

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Implementation details

Commitment details

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  • Mexico has made a commitment to beneficial ownership transparency as part of the Beneficial Ownership Leadership Group. [09 December 2019] link to commitment
  • As an Extractives Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) member, Mexico has committed to beneficial ownership transparency for the extractives sector. [01 October 2017]
  • Mexico has included a commitment in an Open Government Partnership National Action Plan to beneficial ownership transparency [11 December 2019] link to commitment
  • At the 2023 Summit for Democracy, Mexico committed to effective implementation of beneficial ownership transparency measures and the maintenance of a beneficial ownership registry or an alternative mechanism [29 March 2023] link to commitment