OpenOwnership is recruiting!


Zosia Sztykowski · Nov 2017

Each year, billions of dollars in illicit funds – the fruits of crime, corruption or tax evasion – pass through anonymous companies. They are the most popular getaway vehicle for grand corruption by far, designed to allow their owners to remain hidden, escaping accountability and passing the costs of their illicit activities onto communities.

The Paradise Papers, the Panama Papers, high-profile corruption and tax avoidance scandals, and more have made the costs of anonymous company ownership clearer than ever, and activated the global community to take action. OpenOwnership is building on this momentum, using technology to accelerate a norms change around corporate transparency and make anonymous companies a thing of the past.

We’re looking for skilled, passionate people to join us in this exciting work! Apply by December 20, 2017 to be our Community Manager, or to lead our technical work as our Project Coordinator.


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