Request for proposals: graphic design and videographic services

  • Publication date: 01 December 2019
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Proposals are sought from qualified firms or individuals to provide design and videographic services. Open Ownership will enter into ‘call down’ contracts for up to a year with a number of selected providers at agreed daily rates. In any given year, Open Ownership has a significant amount of design work. Call down contracts allow for work to be assigned to designers using a one-time approval process that assesses the quality of work and cost in comparison to competitors (more detail on how to propose below). The deadline for proposals is 31 December.

Background on Open Ownership

Open Ownership is driving the global shift towards transparency over who owns and controls companies. Realising the benefits of corporate ownership transparency helps tackle corruption, reduce investment risk and improve global governance.Beneficial ownership data answers the fundamental question in any anti-corruption investigation: who benefits. In an age when trust, transparency and purpose are key drivers, ending anonymous company ownership worldwide will stop illicit activity causing economic and societal harms.

What are we looking for?

To support our work, we are looking for designers or design firms to work with our communications team. We are primarily interested in publication, video and multimedia design.

We work best with consultants that share our principles and understand our technical expertise and the complex nature of our work. Our communication products need to speak to a variety of audiences from high level government officials and industry leaders to community activists.

Some of our work takes place in regions with low internet bandwidth and printing infrastructure.

We are looking for designers that are interested in infusing our materials with fresh ideas and the boldness needed to further grow the impact of OO globally.

We have a preference for people who are experienced remote workers.

We will have some longer ongoing projects, but we may also have a report or graphic that may need a quick turnaround. We are not necessarily looking for a designer or firm that does everything, but will work with your strengths.


OO occasionally produces content in Russian. Please allow for 20% space when designing products in other languages which tend to be longer than English.

List of past projects:

  • Country reports
  • Policy reviewers
  • Summary guide

Examples can be found online here.

Additional criteria and potential areas of work

Infographics and visualisations: data-driven visualisations or infographics illustrating

Visual identity: Help in guiding and further strengthening our newly refreshed visual identity, by suggesting images or social media templates that convey our identity in an effective and consistent manner.

How to propose?

Please share with us a brief introduction on how you work, your capacity in terms of staff, how you can contribute to our work, highlighting your skills and potential projects of interest. Please include a selection of relevant previous projects and your rates (including VAT).

Selection process and call down contracts

Specific projects: The budgets, deliverables and deadlines for specific products will be agreed on a case by case basis.

Call down contracts: We are also looking to establish a series of “call down” contract agreements at an agreed rate with designers for ongoing work such as updating factsheets, briefs, social media cards and other ad-hoc but essential communication products. Successful selection as a ‘call down’ contractor does not however include a minimum amount of work.

Coordination and Submission

The main contact person will be Victor Ponsford ([email protected]), Communications Associate at Open Ownership.

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