Argentina: Scoping study

  • Publication date: 23 September 2022
  • Authors: Oscar Ramos Rivera, Opening Extractives
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Annex: List of actors interviewed

Public sector Private sector Civil society
• Andrés Vera (Under Secretary of Mining Development) and Gustavo Rodríguez (Advisor) * • Martín Kaindl (Director of Institutional Relations and Administration – IAPG) and Fernando Halperín (Communications Plan Coordinator – IAPG) * • Andrés Bertona (Manager of Projects for Citizenship and Government Institutions – Legislative Directorate) *
• Verónica Tito (Legal Advisor to the Under Secretary of Hydrocarbons) * • Luciano Berenstein (Executive Director – CAEM) *
• Verónica Grondona (Director of International Taxation – AFIP) • Claudia Steinitz (Manager of Taxation SHELL S.A.)
• María Eugenia Marano (Director of Supervision – FIU)

* Members of MSG

Interviews were also requested with YPF S.A., the General Inspectorate of Justice, Office of National Registration of Companies and Tenders and Bankruptcies of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, National Securities Commission, the Civil Association for Equality and Justice and Patagonia Gold. These interviews could not be conducted owing to a lack of availability of the persons to be interviewed, or a lack of response to multiple inquiries.