Beneficial ownership transparency and listed companies

Appendix I: Core information about a listed company

The following information should be collected and published.

Each stock exchange on which a company is registered should be identified using three fields from the ISO 10383 Codes for exchanges and market identification (MIC) standard:

  • stock exchange name: the name of the stock exchange, as specified in the NAME-INSTITUTION DESCRIPTION field in the MIC standard;
  • stock exchange jurisdiction: the ISO 3166 country code for the jurisdiction in which the stock exchange is based;
  • MIC: the market identification code, as specified in the MIC field in the latest MIC list.

Plus, the following should be supplied:

  • URLs where all regulatory notifications of major holdings can be found.

For each stock exchange, each stock type listed there should then be specified with:

  • the stock ticker (e.g. AAPL for Apple);
  • the international securities identification number, ISIN (e.g. 2046251 for Apple).

To identify the listed company, the following information should be collected:

  • the same basic company information (name, registered office, etc.) required of non-listed declaring entities;
  • any identifiers that can be used to locate both the legal entity and any related stock exchange filings. It should be possible to collect multiple identifiers for a single company. These may include: