Improving beneficial ownership transparency in Ukraine: Review and recommendations

  • Publication date: 29 March 2018
  • Authors: Zosia Sztykowski, Tom Mayne

Annex B: Integration with Open Ownership Register

There are three main ways that the data could be integrated into the Open Ownership Register (OOR):

  • Regular data dumps (probably daily, or perhaps weekly), driven by a script and a scheduler (e.g. cron job). We would strongly recommend the dumps be done to the Open Ownership Data Standard, and be made available as open data on a public interface as the UK register does with the PSC Register[43] (rather than either a secured FTP interface of some kind, either on USR or OOR’s servers). This is the cheapest, quickest, and easiest to implement, and easiest for users to consume too.
  • “Pull” interface. With this option, the Ukrainian companies register would provide an API that gives access to the underlying data as structured data (XML or JSON). We think that there are benefits to the company register having such an API, and that such an API (like that provided by UK Companies House) should provide full and free access to the register, to allow integration with other systems (e.g. procurement systems), to promote innovation, and increase use of the data.
  • “Push” interface. With this option, the Open Ownership Register would implement an API that would allow updates to be “pushed” by USR systems to the OOR. While this is best for synchronicity, it is also the most complex to implement, and for this reason, would not recommend starting with it.

We will work with NAIS to build an easy-to-maintain solution.


[42] See