Find details about Zambia's commitments to and implementation of beneficial ownership transparency reforms

Records last updated: 13 May 2024

Contact person: Mutale Mukuka

Current ongoing work

We have provided technical assistance to the Patents and Companies Registration Agency through submissions on legislative amendments, and capacity-building for technical staff. We have also provided assistance to the Ministry of Mines and Minerals Development through the Mining Cadastre Department. This included capacity-building for selected Cadastre staff to enhance the use of beneficial ownership information in the mining licence due diligence process. We provided legislative guidance related to the Mines and Minerals Development Act and Minerals Regulatory Commission Bill and are exploring opportunities for capacity-building initiatives for the Judiciary.

Committed to one or more

  • Live register
    Following the launch of one or more beneficial ownership registers, a country is labelled as Live register.
Data on the Open Ownership map is drawn from publicly-available sources and may not be comprehensive for all countries. For countries marked in grey we do not have information. If data is incorrect, or to submit new data,, please fill in this form.

Implementation details

Patent And Company Registration Agency

Patent And Company Registration Agency
Register launched
Threshold used to determine beneficial ownership
Structured data publicly available
Published as BODS
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Commitment details

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