Ukraine to become the first country to integrate with OpenOwnership


Zosia Sztykowski · May 2017

We’re delighted to announce that yesterday, Ukraine signed up to become the first country to integrate its national central register of beneficial ownership with the OpenOwnership Register. This means that Ukraine’s beneficial ownership data will be automatically available on the OpenOwnership Register, and linked to data from around the world.

OpenOwnership’s goal is to mainstream high-quality, global beneficial ownership data, and as part of this we are piloting a program to integrate with national beneficial ownership registers. We provide in-kind technical assistance on the technology underpinning the central register, and support in implementing our data standard.

Ukraine is the first country to participate in this pilot. As a result, they will become pioneers in providing beneficial ownership as open data in a form that will allow it to be linked globally. According to local civil society, integration with OpenOwnership is a ‘breakthrough’ – not least because Ukraine’s beneficial ownership data is currently only available for a fee.

We thank our partners at Transparency International Ukraine for their tireless work toward establishing this partnership. We’re very much looking forward to working with the Ukraine’s Ministry of Justice and technical implementers in coming months!

Integration is not only available for national central registers, but also for procurement systems, corporate due diligence systems, and beneficial ownership registers being implemented by subnational governments.

To learn more about integration and the benefits to your country or organization, contact Zosia at


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