Ukrainian beneficial ownership data now available


Zosia Sztykowski · Jan 2018

The OpenOwnership Register has been updated to include information about the beneficial owners of over 240,000 Ukrainian companies.

The information is collected in Ukraine’s Unified States Register and was recently released as an open data set. OpenOwnership has gone one step further, however, to parse the original unstructured data into a structured format, and partially transliterate the records from Cyrillic.

Users can search for Ukrainian companies on the OpenOwnership platform and will be able to download the full dataset from the Register home page in the future. Ukrainian users who are interested in receiving a download of the structured data in the original Cyrillic can contact to request this.

Last year, Ukraine became the first country to sign on to integrate with OpenOwnership. As part of this program, we will work with Ukrainian authorities to improve the quality and completeness of the dataset.


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