Tech showcase #4 OpenCorporates, Linkurious, Blue Anvil and the Competition and Markets Authority

Open Ownership tech showcase #4

Open Ownership's fourth technology showcase took place on 18 May 2022, and featured speakers from OpenCorporates, Linkurious, Blue Anvil and the Competition and Markets Authority.

Our technology showcases highlight digital tools that improve transparency of company ownership and control. We invite people from a range of organisations to share updates through a series of lightning talks.

Watch the full video of the latest showcase, or click on the names of the speakers below to go straight to the start of their presentation:

1. Andrew Dunn, OpenCorporates

Andrew is the chief technology officer at OpenCorporates, the "largest open database of companies in the world". Andrew shared details about OpenCorporates' technical roadmap for their future data platform.

2. Jean Villedieu, Linkurious

Jean is the sales director for Linkurious. Linkurious "combines beautiful intuitive data visualisations and powerful analytics to help you expose sophisticated fraudsters, money launderers and other bad guys faster". Jean's team has recently launched the OpenScreening project to combine open datasets from OpenSanctions, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and (soon) Open Ownership to expose links between sanctioned individuals/entities and beneficial ownership data.

3. Cosmin Marginean, Blue Anvil

Cosmin is the director of Blue Anvil, which builds "custom technology solutions for the financial sector". Cosmin reflects on how the Beneficial Ownership Data Standard (BODS) and his organisation's BODS RDF vocabulary can be used in risk and compliance monitoring.

4. Kate Wyatt, Competition & Markets Authority

Kate is a data scientist with the UK Competition and Markets Authority. Her team has been working on finding unique identifiers for individuals and companies, and developing an API to explore relationships between them.

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