Key Open Ownership publications available in French


Open Ownership is delighted to announce that we are embarking on a wholesale translation project, in French, of our key resources.

Our growing work in Francophone Africa makes this particularly pertinent right now, as does our work with the EITI on our ground-breaking Opening Extractives Programme.

In November 2021, Senegal signed-up to be the first Francophone country under the Opening Extractives Programme. In addition to participating in the programme, Senegal, as a leader in beneficial ownership implementation, will also act as a regional hub for the programme in Francophone Africa.

Ready to read and download already are:

  1. Making central beneficial ownership registers public : Rendre publics les registres centraux des bénéficiaires effectifs
  2. Beneficial ownership in law - definitions and thresholds : La Propriété effective en droit : Définitions et seuils
  3. Technical assistance with implementation : Assistance technique à la mise en œuvre
  4. The Open Ownership Principles : Open Ownership Principes

Upcoming translations include the Implementation Guide and the Verification Briefing.

You can see which OO publications are available in your chosen language by visiting Publications on our website and then selecting your chosen language from the drop-down language chooser on the top right of the page. We have publications in English, French, Russian, German, Spanish, Indonesian, and soon, Ukrainian.

As the work of beneficial ownership transparency gathers momentum worldwide, we hope these multilingual resources will prove useful to many. For more information, or to seek assistance from our helpdesk for any implementation queries, please contact [email protected].

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