Measuring the economic impact of beneficial ownership transparency (full report)

  • Publication date: 12 May 2022
  • Authors: Oxford Insights, Lateral Economics, Open Ownership


Term or acronym Meaning
AML Anti-money laundering
BEIS UK Government Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy
BOT Beneficial ownership transparency
Cash releasing, or cashable benefit A monetisable benefit which is ‘cashable’ for a particular stakeholder group, releasing additional funding for a government, business, or individual [1]
CFT Countering the financing of terrorism
CPI Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index
DFID UK Government Department for International Development
EITI Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative
FATF Financial Action Task Force
KYC Know your customer
Monetisable (non cash releasing) benefit A benefit which can be quantified in monetary terms, but will not release cash into a budget if realised
PSC Person of significant control
Qualifiable benefit A benefit which can be qualitatively identified, but not readily quantified
Quantifiable benefit A benefit which can be quantified, but not in monetary terms
RIA Regulatory Impact Assessment
ROI Return on investment
STR Suspicious transaction report
Welfare loss A measure of reduced economic efficiency resulting from an imbalance in supply and demand
WTP Willingness to pay

[1] See HM Treasury’s guidance on writing a business case for a useful summary of benefit types; HM Treasury. (2018). Guide to Developing the Programme Business Case.