Advancing beneficial ownership and transforming procurement systems in South Africa

  • Publication date: 23 May 2021

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Publication type
Case study


Country focus
Republic of South Africa



In the six months from September 2020, Open Ownership undertook a lightning intervention in South Africa. The project was funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, and you can read the bite-sized report here.

Key Outcomes

  • The project enabled Open Ownership to successfully build relationships with key government agencies involved in reform, as well as with local and external stakeholders.
  • Open Ownership’s work over the six month project, and its direct engagement with stakeholders, increased the knowledge and capacity of key actors to understand the benefits of using beneficial ownership data within procurement.
  • The Transforming Procurement Systems pilot was effective because it offered practical solutions to known governance challenges which our partner governments are prioritising. This led to Open Ownership identifying scope and need for further technical assistance and capacity-building activities during 2021-22.
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