Implementing beneficial ownership transparency in the Kyrgyz Republic extractives sector — findings and recommendations


The findings in this report were gained through discussions with stakeholders and a review of relevant documents, including applicable provisions in the Subsoil Law and various versions of the draft regulations and disclosure form for companies. This was supplemented with desk research and a review of relevant documents relating to international best practice.

Discussions were held with SCIESU management and staff (covering the IT, legal, technical and license processing departments), EITI International Secretariat and Kyrgyz Republic EITI Secretariat, extractives company representatives through the EITI Multi-Stakeholder Group, and lawyers at Kalikova & Associates, the law firm appointed to assist with drafting relevant legal provisions.

The majority of meetings took place at the SCIESU office during September 2018, with preparatory and follow up discussions occurring between August and December. The visit was undertaken by Louise Russell-Prywata, Program Manager at Open Ownership, and Jack Lord, Beneficial Ownership Lead at Open Data Services – Open Ownership’s technical partner.

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