Implementing beneficial ownership transparency in the Kyrgyz Republic extractives sector — findings and recommendations

Next Steps and Timeline

Based on our findings and recommendations, OpenOwnership will work with SCIESU as follows:

Action Indicative timeline
Technical specification drafted for creating software system that is compliant with Beneficial Ownership Data Standard March 2019
Regulations governing beneficial ownership disclosure approved by Government of Kyrgyz Republic Target: April 2019
Submission form and process finalized and agreed with companies May 2019
Specification for database and online portal developed and commissioning process begun May 2019
Software development of database and online tools is commissioned June 2019
SCIESU conducts awareness raising with companies July - August 2019
Software to enable collection and publication of information is completed September 2019
Collection and processing of beneficial ownership information by SCIESU is tested with Open Ownership support September 2019
Publication of beneficial ownership information is made public November 2019
Exports of data in BODS format to Open Ownership Register commence November 2019
Feedback and iteration on BODS format export November 2019 onwards
Review and commence monitoring of impact January 2020

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