Who is Behind Clean Energy’s Big Names? IACC Session Report

  • Publication date: 20 December 2022
  • Author: Open Ownership

Key recommendations for the future

  • Use BO data to address corruption risks in mineral licencing, from exploration to major mining projects:
    • monitor and legislate to prevent the involvement of PEPs in licences;
    • collect and publish BO information at time of licence applications – this is a key moment when countries have the most leverage and public interest is high;
    • cross-check BO data that is collected against public registers where possible.
  • Make BO information available at every relevant stage of the value chain and use it for due diligence, creating disincentives for corruption:
    • require BO information from suppliers;
    • do not partner with companies that fail to identify ultimate beneficiaries.
  • Improving BO data quality, accessibility, usability, and interoperability continues to be a priority:
    • effective implementation of BOT reforms means taking an iterative approach;
    • Zambia and Ukraine are countries that exemplify this approach.

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