Who is Behind Clean Energy’s Big Names? IACC Session Report

  • Publication date: 20 December 2022
  • Author: Open Ownership

How can we scale up the solutions discussed in the session?

  • There is an alignment between the needs of communities, ethical businesses, and governments in implementing BOT to level the playing field in critical mineral development, and this can be better communicated and leveraged.
  • When it comes to effectively engaging local communities and creating a social licence to operate, there should be: clear rules, free and priority consent, and a grievance mechanism, and community consultation needs to take place as a starting point.
  • We know which countries have critical mineral reserves. It is a finite number. As a global community, we should be coming together around a collective action approach to support these countries, for example, with peer learning mechanisms and making links between governments and the private sector.
  • Further recommendations from Open Ownership and the EITI are available in our newly released policy briefing: Who benefits? How company ownership data is used to detect and prevent corruption.

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