Who is Behind Clean Energy’s Big Names? IACC Session Report

  • Publication date: 20 December 2022
  • Author: Open Ownership

What’s the call to action for key stakeholders?

  • Civil society: Need for a community of practitioners that will share best practices and solutions to challenges when implementing BOT reforms. To this end, the Opening Extractives programme is creating a global peer learning group. In January 2023, this group will start to create a platform for important discussions of lessons learned.
  • Companies: BOT has a business imperative and there is a role for the private sector advocacy; for example, to help prevent companies from gaining an unfair advantage in the right to develop these minerals.
  • Governments: Verifying authorities should have the power to ask questions about the data, and data users can encourage them to do so. For example, if banks are inquisitorial in checking data, the register may look at quality more.
  • Governments: Public registers are important for making due diligence less expensive and more reliable. They offer a starting point for smaller companies with resource constraints to join the fight against corruption.