Find details about Colombia's commitments to and implementation of beneficial ownership transparency reforms

Records last updated: 09 November 2023

Contact person: Agustina De Luca

Current ongoing work

We support the Tax and Customs Directorate (Dirección de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales) in their beneficial ownership registry implementation, and the use of data by competent authorities (defined by the law). We also work with the EITI National Secretariat to improve compliance in the FATF requirement 2.5, and in advancing the use of data for mining licensing due diligence processes.

Committed to one or more

  • Live register
    Following the launch of one or more beneficial ownership registers, a country is labelled as Live register.

Implemented one or more

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Implementation details

Colombia Single Registry of Beneficial Owners (RUB)

Colombia Single Registry of Beneficial Owners (RUB)
Register launched
Threshold used to determine beneficial ownership
Structured data publicly available
Published as BODS
Available via API

Commitment details

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