Welcome to the new Open Ownership website

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Launched today, 31 March 2022

We’ve been working with the digital studio Hactar for the past six months to research what our users need and build a new site designed for them. Today, we’re launching the beta version of our new site.

The brief for the new site was to make it easier and faster for you to discover our resources, and easier for us to publish content that is accessible, easy to navigate and easy to translate (or view in pre-translated versions). More on this below.

Want to read and share content easily?

So from now on, Open Ownership’s team will release publications online in an HTML web page, as well as a downloadable PDF. Having publications as web pages will make it much easier for you to search for, share and read our past and future publications. Importantly, publishing our work as a webpage as well as a PDF means everything can be translated using common online translation tools which we know is important for our expanding global users. Some publications are already translated professionally and we will add to these in the future.

Looking for our research?

To help anyone looking for the latest beneficial ownership guidance and research, we have developed a new search page where you can discover content by topic, country, section or as it relates to the Open Ownership Principles.

Want to see the global state of beneficial ownership transparency?

The Open Ownership Map has been upgraded. It now clearly communicates up-to-date progress towards beneficial ownership transparency around the world, listing all countries which have promised or delivered central and public registers.

Interested in what we are doing in-country to implement changes?

Dedicated country profile pages have also been created. Each one will show you detailed information about national beneficial ownership commitments and implementation, as well as Open Ownership content relating to that country. This is powered by an integration with our team’s internal Notion databases. Any database updates are automatically published to the website every day.


Key resources such as the Open Ownership Principles and the Implementation Guide have been reimagined for new readers, while more information is available on key tools like the Beneficial Ownership Data Standard and the Open Ownership Register.

Learn the lingo

We are also publishing the Open Ownership glossary for the first time. It explains key concepts and gives the definition of terms which relate to beneficial ownership. If there is a term or phrase on the site that you don’t understand, you will find it in the glossary.

Thom Townsend, executive director of Open Ownership, said: “Our goal is to make sure the work we do is accessible and usable by everyone who needs it. For us it will be a success if increasing numbers of people worldwide can access our research and technology quickly and intuitively, and share it with other people who can benefit. Together, we will continue our work with beneficial ownership transparency to raise global standards, advocate for more central, public registers, and encourage more people to use the data. We hope you like the new website.”

If you have any questions about the new website, or suggestions of others things you would like to see included, please email [email protected] to connect with our team.

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