Beneficial ownership transparency in Armenia: The current regime and next steps

  • Publication date: 13 July 2022
  • Author: Peter Low

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Opening Extractives



This report was produced as part of the Opening Extractives programme.

Opening Extractives is an ambitious global programme aiming to transform the availability and use of beneficial ownership data for effective governance in the extractive sector. The programme is implemented jointly by the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) International Secretariat and Open Ownership.

The Opening Extractives programme combines political and technical engagement to support countries implementing beneficial ownership reforms and to enable the use of the data by governments, civil society, and companies over a five year period. It catalyses the use of this data to improve natural resource governance.

This report contains an assessment of the beneficial ownership regime in Armenia, and analyses current and planned reforms using the Open Ownership Principles.

Key Learning Outcomes

This report is intended to help inform the next stage of reforms and technical assistance on beneficial ownership transparency that will be provided under the Opening Extractives programme. The main recommendations include that Armenia should prioritise:

  • continuing work to expand the entities required to submit BO data;
  • addressing issues with its Beneficial Ownership Data Standard representation of declarations;
  • developing more enhanced systems for data verification.
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