How to use Open Ownership’s tools: A guide for data users analysing beneficial ownership data

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Since 2020, Open Ownership has responded to requests from beneficial ownership data users and government implementers, and expanded its technology and data analysis work. This led to the improvement of existing tools, and the development of new ones. These tools help data users understand and analyse publicly available data, and create structured data and visually appealing diagrams in line with the Beneficial Ownership Data Standard (BODS).

This publication presents a step-by-step guide for beneficial ownership data users, explaining what each tool was designed to do, and how to use it. The guide contains descriptions, operational instructions, and screenshots, and demonstrates what can be achieved through using each tool.

Key learning outcomes

"How to use Open Ownership's tools: A guide for data users analysing beneficial ownership data" can help you:

  • search or access global beneficial ownership data from the Open Ownership Register;
  • query or analyse bulk data published in line with BODS, by using BigQuery, Datasette, or the different notebooks and dashboards;
  • create your own structured data in line with BODS, by using the BODS data generator – useful for government implementers wanting to build a new database or for users wanting to map unstructured data;
  • assess the quality of BODS data through the BODS data review tool, which reviews and provides recommendations to improve the data in JSON; and
  • visualise BODS data (well-structured under JSON or CSV) to make data visibly appealing and ownership structures quickly understandable, through diagrams which connect people, corporate vehicles, and their beneficial ownership relationships.

For further guidance or support to use any of these tools, please contact the Open Ownership technology team at [email protected].