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The OpenOwnership Pilot Program – why do we do it and what’s involved?

blogs Louise Russell-Prywata · Feb 2019

OpenOwnership’s goal is to create an open data and policy ecosystem that ends the abuse of anonymously owned companies. We create tools, provide assistance, and work with governments, companies and civil society to increase access to, and use of, information...

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OpenOwnership in Kiev

blogs Louise Russell-Prywata · Dec 2018

At the start of December 2018, OpenOwnership was in Kiev starting our technical assistance to the Government of Ukraine. In October, the country publicly committed to become the first country to implement the Beneficial Ownership Data Standard (BODS), working with...

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Ukraine signs MOU with OpenOwnership to implement the Beneficial Ownership Data Standard

news Louise Russell-Prywata · Oct 2018

OpenOwnership is delighted to announce that Ukraine is set to become the first country to implement the Beneficial Ownership Data Standard, a framework for collecting and publishing beneficial ownership information as open data.

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Beneficial ownership transparency in Ukraine: what’s next?

blogs Zosia Sztykowski · Apr 2018

In 2016 Ukraine became the second country in the world (after the UK) to implement a public register of the beneficial owners of corporate entities registered in country. It subsequently became the first country in the world to commit to...

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Ukrainian beneficial ownership data now available

news Zosia Sztykowski · Jan 2018

The OpenOwnership Register has been updated to include information about the beneficial owners of over 240,000 Ukrainian companies.

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Ukraine's Minister of Justice, Pavlo Petrenko. signs a memorandum of understanding with OpenOwnership at a ceremony yesterday

Ukraine to become the first country to integrate with OpenOwnership

news Zosia Sztykowski · May 2017

We’re delighted to announce that yesterday, Ukraine signed up to become the first country to integrate its national central register of beneficial ownership with the OpenOwnership Register. This means that Ukraine’s beneficial ownership data will be automatically available on the...

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