Beneficial Ownership Visualisation System

Relevance and Completeness

BOVS diagrams must be complete, while also serving the point you want to make.


Diagrams must be complete: no Party may be omitted. This ensures diagrams never mislead by suggesting that structures are simpler than they truly are.

Which Parties must be included for a diagram to be ‘complete’ is determined by your diagram’s Focus and Depth.


BOVS core relevance

However, you may consider only some Parties or interest Chains to be relevant to your point. If so, there are ways to collapse or diminish the other parts of your diagram while maintaining an accurate portrayal of the situation:

  • Stacks let you reduce a Chain of interests, or multiple Beneficial Owners, into a single Node.
  • You may draw non-relevant parts of your diagram with a tint or transparency (if doing so, these must be more tinted/transparent than any other such treatments in your diagram).
  • Some Optional Features are applied only to relevant Chains.

If you use an Optional Feature that applies only to relevant parts, then you must also draw non-relevant parts less prominently. This ensures readers understand why those Optional Features are not shown elsewhere.

Unless you explicitly decide otherwise, all parts of your diagram are assumed to be relevant.

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