Beneficial Ownership Visualisation System


These resources can be used to help you create BOVS diagrams.


The BOVS icons are released under a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) licence, that is, they are released into the Public Domain. No attribution is necessary for their usage, and you may incorporate them into any work, commercial or non-commercial.

The icons are provided with clear space such that a circle or diamond drawn in the same dimensions will proportionally enclose the icon.

In addition to the icons for the BOVS Vocabulary (known and unknown variants), the icon pack includes icons representing “Interests” in the abstract. This may be useful for your other design work related to beneficial ownership, but is not strictly part of BOVS itself.

Drawing tips

If you want to use the Optional Features for Colour and Line Weight, you will need to draw Arrows composed of two colours and thicknesses. This can be achieved in different ways depending on the graphics package you are using. In Adobe Illustrator, a good approach is:

  • Use the Width Profile feature to draw a line’s stroke on only one side of the line, and save two presets (one for each side of the line)
  • Apply two strokes to a line; one with a Width Profile stroking to one side (in your chosen colour), and another with a width Profile stroking to the other (in your other chosen colour)
  • Save this as a Graphic Style for your ease of use
  • Manually add arrowheads composed of two right triangles to the ends of lines, to make Arrows (to avoid scaling the arrowheads with line weight)


The Beneficial Ownership Data Standard (BODS) provides a structured data format, along with guidance for collecting, sharing and using data on beneficial ownership.

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