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Francesca Baker · Feb 2019

At our recent team retreat we shared the films we’re watching and podcasts we’re listening to. As well as giving us some ideas of media to tuck into, it was a great way to learn more about our colleagues. Some of them overtly address issues of transparency and data, whereas others are a little more leftfield. All are worth investigating, and give you some insight on how our minds work!

Here’s what’s on our screens and in our ears right now…

White Collar Hundred


“White Collar Hundred have collaborated with OpenOwnership on Ukrainian data last year. This short film is an inspiring example of how tech and data engineering can support civic participation and hold people in power accountable.”

Nostalgia for the Light


“Nostalgia de la Luz is a Chilean film that contrasts the clarity and precision of the view that astronomers have from the Atacama desert with the struggle of the women of Calama who are still searching the same desert, after decades, for the remains of their loved ones who were executed during the dictatorship of Augosto Pinochet. I chose it because shows that sometimes it is the things closest to us, in time and space, that can be hardest to see.”

Die Hard


“I consider Die Hard to be a Christmas movie. It’s full of elements that, 30 years later, are delightfully anachronistic cliches: briefcase-sized car phones, shoulder pads, a German-accented villain staging an elaborate heist of bearer bonds. These are now banned almost everywhere due to their use in money laundering schemes; I like to think that, as a result of our efforts at OpenOwnership, anonymously owned companies will also soon be artefacts from a different time.”

Jack Peretti’s Britain’s Trillion Pound Island


“Explains the offshore industry in an easy-to-grasp way. Makes visible its absurdity and and egregiousness.” Link

The Internet’s Own Boy


“The story of information activist and programming genius Aaron Swartz, and covers the issues of open data, neutrality, freedom of information and transparency, through a personal story. He was the guy who developed the web feed format RSS and cofounded Reddit, and contributed to defeating the Stop Online Piracy Act. I’m also a sucker for the home-video aesthetic.’

The Dark Money Files (Podcast)


“Breaks down the mechanics of money laundering into bite-size 30 minute podcasts. The series is the work of anti-money laundering and compliance specialists Graham Barrow and Ray Blake, and the first episodes dig into the Danske Bank scandal. They do a great job of making some of the complexities more accessible to people more on the periphery of anti-money laundering geekery.”

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