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Armenia and Latvia become first countries to publish data in line with the Beneficial Ownership Data Standard

blogs Open Ownership · Sep 2021

Armenia and Latvia have become the first countries to publish beneficial ownership data in line with Open Ownership’s Beneficial Ownership Data Standard (BODS).

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Plans for the Global Open Ownership Register in 2021

news Open Ownership · Feb 2021

The Global Open Ownership Register (GOOR) holds 12 million records with data from 200 jurisdictions. Because Open Ownership (OO) has been engaging with more countries and assisting them with publishing their beneficial ownership (BO) data, the amount of information in...

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New: visualising beneficial ownership Data Standard tool

news Oct 2020

Open Ownership is launching a new software tool for visualising beneficial ownership (BO) data. Beneficial ownership data is at its most useful when it can be understood by the widest possible group of people. Visualisations of corporate structures are intuitive...

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