Beneficial Ownership Data Standard

The Beneficial Ownership Data Standard (BODS) is an open standard providing guidance for collecting, sharing and using high-quality data on beneficial ownership. Visit for full documentation, available in English, Spanish and Russian.

Related tools

  • Data analysis tools - Discover, download and analyse sources of BODS data
  • Data analysis notebook - Get answers and gain understanding from BODS data
  • Data generator - A spreadsheet template to represent beneficial ownership information as BODS
  • Data review tool - Check that your data complies with BODS
  • Data visualiser - Generate a simple visualisation of any BODS data using our open source libraries
  • Feature tracker - Read about new BODS features being researched, proposed or implemented - and request additional features
  • RDF vocabulary for BODS - Translate the shape of BODS data into a graph structure. Created by Blue Anvil