Asia is seeing a steady growth in terms of country commitments to implementing beneficial ownership transparency. Driven mainly by anti-money laundering initiatives and compliance with Financial Action Task Force recommendations, access to beneficial ownership (BO) information varies depending on the country's policy aims, with a number of countries opting to limit access to BO data to law enforcement and competent authorities. Where countries have also committed to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, a selection of extractives company data is published. Other countries where Open Ownership is providing technical assistance, such as Armenia, Indonesia, and Mongolia, have opted to allow public access to their full economy BO register.

Other drivers of implementation are country commitments under the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, Open Government Partnership and the Global Forum on Tax Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes. Open Ownership has been working with countries that have made commitments under these initiatives, to help strengthen their legal and policy frameworks, implement or improve BO data collation and interoperability, and promote better BO data use. These include countries such as Armenia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Mongolia. The next step is to explore mechanisms to strengthen cross-border intra-regional data sharing.

Countries in the region